AGW in trouble!

I have blogged about ‘Anthropogenic Global Warming’ (AGW) before and I’m going to blog about it again. Someone had alerted me to the fact that at Germany universities there have been seminars with speakers that are seriously questioning the legitimacy of climate science. That is a good thing, especially when you see how politicised climate science has become.

This science has lost its way because genuine inquiry or doubt is instantly demonised. We have the famous ‘Climategate’ email scandal which you can learn about HERE and HERE. We have the IPCC which is full of hypocrisy; a United Nations ‘yes’ group which does not have 1000s of scientists agreeing that climate change is the result of mankind as we have been led to believe. A must watch video on this can be seen HERE.

And now we have some very brave people in Germany willing to speak out about the highly politicised climate science which increasingly resembles a religion…


The AGW religion in Germany is in deep trouble. Consensus is crumbling. the science is coming under attack.

It’s taken a awhile, but slowly and surely, Germany, once the premier power in science, is beginning to ask questions again. When lectures and seminars questioning climate science take place within academic circles and at German universities, then you know something is afoot. [source]