Urgent prayer request!

The Moriel sponsored outreach ministry among Israeli Arabs, Jews and West Bank Moslems directed by Pastor Najeeb, a Moriel evangelist among the Arabs, has been seriously and violently attacked. Stun grenades were tossed into the bible shop in Haifa which doubles as an evangelistic venue and it was not possible to determine initially if the perpetrators of the attack were radical Moslems or orthodox Jewish extremists. Both strongly oppose the ministry, but it now appears to have been carried out by Moslems opposed to preaching Christ to Arabs.
At this point, we have one reported injury. Tino (Moriel cannot for security reasons publicly   disclose detailed identity information of those involved in evangelism to Moslems) suffered facial and dental injuries. These are serious but fortunately not life threatening.
Please pray for the protection of Pastor Najeeb, his family and those involved in this important work in reaching Abraham’s other children, the Arabs, with the Good News of The Gospel. Satan is active and we need prayer.
This is the second episode where serious violence has crashed through our doors in a single month. Moriel’s children’s ministry Ebyown saw 6 murdered in a cash van heist just spitting distance from our babies and children, and in a previous gun fight shortly before that in this area bullets came over the fence into the Children’s compound, just one of many reasons that are compelling us to plan to relocate Ebyown to a safer area probably near Cape Town when The Lord provides the land and resources to do so.
Our missionaries and evangelists in The Middle East and Africa should not have to face gun violence or be the targets of terror attacks for doing the work of Jesus, but this is the fallen world in which we live as we await the return of Jesus and these are the realities of the work to which He has called us. Your prayers are coveted for the protection of our missionaries and of our AIDS orphan babies and children. May those who threw the grenades come to know Jesus.