Is there a difference?

If we were to examine all the different religions that exist today and then go back through history and examine all religions that have ever existed and we would find that there is no exception. All religions teach salvation by meritorious works. Christianity is the only religion which teaches salvation solely by grace through faith alone. This simple fact makes it stand entirely apart from other religions. [John Ankerberg]

Now examine the difference between Islam and Christianity regarding Genesis…

Following September 11, the increased prominence of Islam in the media, and public declarations by government (and many church) leaders that Islam is a ‘great’ religion, will likely raise further questions in the minds of many young people in the churches. E.g. ‘Do Jews, Christians and Muslims worship the same God?’ and ‘What does the Koran say about the Bible?’

Many Christian commentators have sought to raise awareness of fundamental doctrinal differences between the Koran and the Bible (see below), but few people are aware of how the Muslim’s holy book starkly contradicts the Biblical account of our origins. [Go HERE to learn more about those differences]