Henri Nouwen and the evangelical


Henri Nouwen is“one of the greatest saints of recent memory

Who said that? Would you be surprised if I said that it was Ravi Zacharias? Well, I am not at all surprised. There was a youtube that showed Ravi Zacharias saying the above. Surprisingly (or not so) it has been taken down. I personally know that was what he said because I watched it before it was taken down, but I am sure there were many people who saw it. But luckily (unlucky of Dr Zacharias) it has gone viral and the blogosphere got hold of it and have blogged about it. Way to go bloggers!

If you haven’t been living under a rock lately then you will have heard of Henri Nouwen. He was a catholic mystic/contemplative and many evangelicals are citing him and recommending his books. Is this a good idea? I think not! Go to THIS article to understand why and to learn more about Henri Nouwen.

Interestingly, my most searched out post according to google is about Ravi Zacharias. An amazing 24,874 views as of today for that post alone. In that post I wrote how Ravi had visited a Mormon temple to speak along side Mormons, and I along with many others I had concerns back then about Ravi and this seemingly ecumenical handshake. I had previously loved Ravi’s books and found them to be very uplifting. Yet, when I subscribed to his newsletters, they were sounding a bit too ecumenical/interfaith and the red flag was waving before me, sad but true.

I don’t get them anymore because I asked to be taken off of the list.  I just knew that his path was broadening and I didn’t want to share it!

Anyway… Ravi is not the only big name to have endorsed the mystic Henri Nouwen. Rick Warren has too! Check out this article.

Does that surprise me. No, not in the least. How sad that this type of thing is NOT surprising anymore.

I wonder how many more are going to jump into the ecumenical ship of unity?

5 thoughts on “Henri Nouwen and the evangelical

  1. Here’s a post which corroborates that in the video Ravi Zacharias said of the apostate universalist Roman Catholic mystic Henri Nouwen:

    “One of the greatest saints of recent memory was Henri Nouwen.”

    The post also quotes from an email by RZIM “Speaking Team/Associate Writer” Margaret Manning where she defends his doing so.



    • Thanks Ken. This is just sad, but not surprising. If you think about it, Ravi was really not an apologist using scripture, he was more a philosophical thinker/debater. I loved his books, I have read four of them, but they were never to be read as a book that explained doctrine or theology.

      Thanks again Ken.



  2. Whaaaa? I don’t think I have heard of him Vee! Thanks for the alert though. Very disappointing about Ravi as I have enjoyed his talks and books quite a bit. The road gets narrower doesn’t it. Appreciate the heads up!!


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