10-10-10 — Interconnectedness day!

I have just learned about this ‘Interconnectedness day’ today. Man… that is a mouthful. What’s it all about? Well check this out…

A deep sense of interconnectedness, or oneness, is at the core of decisions and actions that are life affirming and good for the whole. In other words, it will bring forth an environmentally sustainable, fulfilling and socially just human presence.

The omni present invisible field of electric and magnetic energy connects us all.

Energy follows thoughts and feelings. What we focus on is what we manifest and attract. These are the universal laws of manifestation and attraction.

Proven by quantum science.

By organising a global 24 hour event with a focus and concentration on celebrating interconnectedness, we manifest and attract more of what we want on a global scale: a greater sense of interconnectedness as a foundation for a world that works for all life.

A shift from separation to oneness, a shift from Illness to WEllness. [source]

Do I really need to quote the verse where it says that we should not be unequally yoked! I know you know it anyways.

In the above article there is a video which is worth watching. The guy with so much sincerity and passion, talks about this thing called the ‘Earth Charter’. You simply must check out that site to see how this is all coming together. He also says that all the great sages have taught the us following …”we are in fact ONE body” … Well, I can tell you that the head of that body is NOT Christ Jesus! Satan really does like to counterfeit everything that belongs to God doesn’t he? And this is just another way!

He also says that we should all feel a part of this body, and if we don’t feel it, then that is the beginning of death! So in other words if you join this so called ‘one body’ you will be truly alive and a part of it.


He also says that the young and old should walk together towards this light of an emerging world of cooperation of love, truth and righteousness.


And if you can stand  a little bit more of this New Age/Pagan/Occult teaching then check out this video invitation to the three Abrahamic religions from this world ‘Interconnectedness Day’ website…

Churches, mosques, synagoges

See video invitation

After watching all of this and knowing full well that I won’t be joining  this event on 10-10-10 I guess I am not going to be a part of this body they keep talking about am I? I must be dead! Oh well… in a way, yep I am dead in my sins but I am alive in Christ. He is the head, not some other pagan mother earth deity. Oh… and if you think that this is bizarre then have you heard about someone at the UN saying that mother earth should be considered a spiritual being with her own rights! Don’t believe me, then see THIS article straight from the UN itself!

Can’t you just see that when this kind of thing takes off BIG time that discerning Christians will be the ones who are the bad ones! They will be the ones that won’t join forces to fix up this earthly kingdom in hopes of creating a happy, clappy utopian kingdom. They will be called unjust and unloving because they won’t join the party!

We are being set up big time! It is time we hold each other up in prayer I think. So, my prayer for all of you – and you know who you are – is that you remain strong and full of courage in the face of adversity. I pray that the Holy Spirit counsel you and that you are given the right words to say when the time comes. I pray that you keep your eyes fixed on Jesus the Word Manifest. I pray that you all search the scriptures to know the difference between the absolute Truth and the subtle lies that going to be told to you.

In Christ



6 thoughts on “10-10-10 — Interconnectedness day!

  1. Amen, Vee.

    It’s definitely going to take His strength, discernment, love and wisdom (His life!) to stand firm in these most perplexing days.


  2. You are so right on Vee!
    This also makes me think of when it’s time for the 666 number/chip that allows people to buy and sell during the Tribulation, and how those who refuse to take it will be murdered acceptably even, because they will be seen as trouble makers and criminals against this utopian system.


  3. Yep, it’s a big set up alright. This reminded me of the whole chapter of 2Titus but specifically 3:5 …”having a form of godliness but denying its power. And from such people turn away!”


      • Yes, I pray almost daily that God will guard us from deception. I want no idols in my life, which as you know can be just about anything. I’ve been deceived before and it’s very shocking when realized. It’s amazing how easily we can be deceived. If I’m believing something wrong I want to know it and get rid of it… whatever it is!! These are dangerous times. No fear but as you say.. keep prayer and His word close!


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