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Have you ever wondered how the church in countries such as China that cannot meet freely see the western church today? Below is a small quote from an interview that I hope you will read in its entirety. If you have ever wondered how the Western church stacks up against persecuted churches found in the East then I think this interview will really help you to understand things a bit clearer. It certainly did that for me.

In fact, after reading the interview and in searching for a picture to go with this post, I looked at the above painting and wondered which side of the wall I really kneel on!

Interviewer (I) : Let’s move on to another important question. How do the Chinese Christian’s evaluate western Christianity?

Chinese House Leader (CHCL): We feel the church in the West is playing games. We are troubled by the frivolity in many of their meetings. Our people are broken and weeping in our assemblies, western Christians are telling jokes. This brings very different results. We feel the Church in the west is bound by traditions and programs and therefore cannot follow the Holy Spirit’s leadings. We have to make sure we have that direct line to the Holy Spirit and seek to hear His voice. Christians in the West have been able to eliminate Christ and His direct presence in their midst. I have a feeling sometimes that the whole Christianity in the West could be going for years before they discover that Jesus has not been with them for a long time. He has gone somewhere else.He is not with them anymore. [source]

Amazing interview, one that I personally found to be very challenging as far as what church really is! It actually made me question who really is free, the Chinese persecuted church or the western institutionalised church?


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  2. Oh, oh, oh… does this ever break my heart. As stated, we in the west have much “ecumenical confusion”. We are fat and sleepy. luke warm. Salt that has lost its flavor! Thanks for posting Vee.


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