Photo treat for you all…

First I just wanted to share a photo of my hubby and I when we were just sixteen. We were both in a band and I think this photo is WAY kewl

tony and I as young hippies

And now photos of another handsome man. My little Grandson Oliver. I love him soooo much it’s hard for me to even put into words. I am so blessed to have him in my life.

Oliver and his puppy who he loves Oliver and his red ball Oliver and me Oliver and the yucky sand Oliver in his pjays Oliver is the cool dudeOliver the centre of attention


9 thoughts on “Photo treat for you all…

  1. Awesome photos! He’s going to be a heartbreaker, isn’t he?

    You in a band?! You wild thang!


  2. WOW! You & your hubby were in a band? How long have you known your husband? Were you childhood sweethearts? Your grandson is such an adorable boy.


    • We have known each other for thirty years. Childhood sweethearts. There is a long story behind how we met. But I will talk about that later, coz my number three child is annoying me to watch a movie with her.

      And yep.. Oliver is adorable!


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