I want to apologise..

I want to apologise to those of you who receive my posts via email or feedburners for the spelling and typos in the last post.

I have an 18 month old Grandson who never fails to distract my umpteen times during the writing of my posts. I can’t get to use my computer at night time when he’s all tucked up because my older children come home from school and uni and use my computer!

Hope you all understand my time is literally broken up in tiny little snippets with writing, changing nappies, feeding, rescuing, playing and everything in between. Not to mention housework and with a family of six … well what can I say!




11 thoughts on “I want to apologise..

  1. No apologies required Vee, just keep doing what you’re doing. Most people understand except those darn pesky grammarian supremacist who seem to annoy one & all. Even Jesus had a word to say about those kill joy sticklers.


  2. Vee, it’s apologiZE 🙂

    apologize is a verb, apology is a noun and apoligies is plural for apology …..

    I always use spell check.. wordpress has one for the posts and it really helps! (although I don’t have kids running around and can’t imagine the distractions!)


    • I remember typing in the word ‘apologise’ and it came up as an error in the spell check. But of course it would because it is an American spell check. I doubted my original post, which of course was right. Maybe I should just give up on this all together 😦


  3. Love it, Truthspeaker! What a hoot!

    Vee, that you can even come up with more than one original idea a WEEK is impressive to me. And to learn the hoops you jump through to post them amazes me even more.

    Keep up the excellent work!


  4. I’m with Pearl.. I am amazed at all your excellent work. You are being too hard on yourself. Besides, we all know how it is. I always find something to fix after posting! Besides, love doesn’t even notice mistakes and that’s a fact 🙂


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