A burning of a different kind…

At the moment we have world wide news focused on a Pastor in America who wants to burn the Koran in protest to the 911 world trade centre attacks. This protest has come under attack from the left from other Christians and even Angelina Jolie has voiced her view on this situation saying…”I have hardly the words,” she told reporters in Islamabad, Pakistan, to describe actions “that somebody would do that to somebody’s religious book.”

Countries like Iran and the Taliban have said if this is allowed to happen the repercussions will put soldiers and Westerners in danger and that there will be grave repercussions. Doesn’t that just speak volumes about a religion that is trying to dictate a persons right in a country where non violent protests and freedom of speech are protected under its constitution. America does not live under Sharia law yet does it?

Some are calling this pastor and his congregation fundamentalists. Yet, let’s not forget the difference between Christian fundamentalism which is in line with the bible and its teaching and Islamic fundamentalism which is in line with the Koran and its teaching which is found in the Hadith. The two are very, very different! And so they should be. We live in an age of Grace. Yet, in contrast, Islamic fundamentalism takes us back to Islamic laws that do not exercise the same values as the Judeo Christian values.

Not so long ago a fundamentalist Muslim acting out in Jihad protest murdered Theo Van Gogh who directed a film called “Submission”.  Theo Van Gogh was a great advocate for free speech in Denmark. He harshly criticized Christianity and Judaism too. However, the Muslim community bore the brunt of his irritation.

Yes this is just one case, but this sort of thing happens world wide without getting enough media. Is the media scared or is it more than that? This article explains the lefts alliance with Islamists today… The theology behind this goes by many names in different denominations and religions, from Liberation Theology to Prophetic Justice to Tikkun Olam, the common denominator is that they hijack religion to serve as a vehicle for social justice. Indeed the Communist party itself was born out of The League of the Just, a Christian organization.

I was on Facebook this morning and Pastor Dave Royle from Moriel Ministries said:

Korans getting burnt in America causes a huge outburst of condemnation. Last year 170,000 martyrs mostly at the hands of Islam and not a wimper!

…so according to sky news Christians are intollerant?? Well 9/11, underground bombings, homosexuals stoned in Iran, people beheaded for turning to Christ in Saudi Arabia???

Even Paul appealed to Caeser, I think its good to take the freedoms we have and let the world and government see the real face of Islam.

Well, here is another face of Islamic fundamentalism that needs to be seen…


Click HERE to watch the video called “Acid Attacks”

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One thought on “A burning of a different kind…

  1. Another good article:

    Islamic Tolerance Displayed in Call for Beheading Politician…

    I understand Gen. Petraeus’ concern and respect his leadership, it rings rather hollow to say that this particular Quran-burning will endanger our troops; Muslim fanatics are already working hard to kill our troops. Though they will certainly use new excuses, they don’t need new excuses to perpetuate violence against infidels. Our mere existence and refusal to submit to their domination is all the excuse they need.




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