Brotherly rivalry runs deep. Ancient prophecy tells of this.

I recently read and article over at the Moriel site called "A Wild Ass of Man" by Bill Randles.  It explained a few things about the current Islamic vs Jewish rivalry. This tension runs deep and goes back to a very ancient prophecy concerning Isaac and Ishmael.

Then this morning I checked my bloglines feed and found an article from “In the Days” which  speaks about Amrozi bin Nurhasin who recently was on trial for the Bali bombings. Interesting Amrozi in his defence speaks about how he wants the Jews to remember Khaibar…“Jews: Remember Khaibar. The army of Muhammad is coming back to defeat you.” Amrozi was remembering an event 1,375 years in the past, when Muhammad attacked Jewish farmers living in the oasis community of Khaibar, in what is now Saudi Arabia. More than 600 Jews were killed and the survivors lost all their property and had to pledge half of their future crops to Muhammad.

Anyway, here is the first article about Amrozi bin Nurhasim…


Today, few Jews know the word Khaibar. But among certain Muslims it has permanent resonance. Khaibar set a precedent, endorsed by the actions of the Prophet. After Khaibar, non-Muslims who were conquered had to give up their property and pay heavy permanent tribute to their Muslim overseers. That form of discrimination lasted for centuries. It was this incident and its aftermath that nourished Amrozi’s homicidal ambition.

Muslims love to recall that Jews once lived in peace among them. Of course, Jews were always second-class citizens, their rights sharply limited. Still, it was sometimes better than settling among Christians. Bernard Lewis, a major authority on Islam, says that Jewish lives under Islam were never as bad as in Christendom at its worst, or as good as in Christendom at its best. [source]

And the biblical perspective that explains the above from a biblical perspective…

Ishmael was Abraham’s firstborn, but Isaac was the one chosen by God for the blessing. Ishmael(Islam) hates Isaac (Israel) to this very day. He begrudged the blessings bestowed upon Isaac and believed that he had been relegated to bastard status.

But look at the prophecy about Ishmael, in the light of the current controversy;

He will be a wild ass of a man…This would not of necessity be an insult to desert dwelling peoples, who had to be tough and independent to survive.Ishmael would be wild, free, rude, and insensitive. [source]