US denies entry to a Pastor!

I have just heard that Andrew Strom was denied entry to the US. Is this just the start of something bigger? 

I am very sorry to announce to those of you who were planning on attending some of our meetings over the next month that we have been denied entry to the USA and sadly will have to cancel all the meetings.

My whole family were detained for over 6 hours at the US border yesterday (the USA side), questioned, photographed, fingerprinted like criminals – and sent back to Canada. We were told we could not come in to preach to a series of Christian groups like this – even though their website clearly says we CAN – and I have already been in TWICE THIS YEAR doing exactly the same thing. They let me in then – but no more. They even fingerprinted my 15-year-old daughter. None of us (except our 9 and 11-year olds) can even set foot in the USA again without going to the US Consulate and getting special permission. We literally are now in the “criminal” class according to US Immigration. [source]

What happened to that whole freedom of speech thing?

Please Note: I am not endorsing all the teachings of Andrew Strom, I am just pointing out that all is not well with America’s constitutional freedoms.


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