Witnessing to Muslims – how to?

This book was written in Lebanon. The author is unknown, and the content is not copywritten, so I have taken the effort of retyping it so that you the visitor, may learn how to share your faith with Muslims.

This E-Book is brought to you by Arabs for Christ Feel free to look around, when you finish reading the E-book. Our messageboards are full of believers, like you who wish to see the Muslim world come to know Jesus. [source]

here are some videos about witnessing to Muslims.


One thought on “Witnessing to Muslims – how to?

  1. This is a great resource/tool. I never ever ever want to forget that culture/politics/current events…or whatever do not eliminate the fact that Jesus died for one and all, that He loves all and I am to carry out His commission of taking the gospel to all… with a glad heart 🙂 Thank you for this!


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