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I have blogged about this site before and I have it bookmarked but I want to share it with you all again.

The site is called Top Verses and it documents the top verses from the bible. Since I last went it has had a bit of an overhaul and it offers so much more. Basically you can check out the top verses of the whole bible, or you can check out the top verses of each book of the bible…

Try our word search feature! When you use Top Verses to search the Bible for a word, our results start with familiar verses, rather than Genesis. Next time you are hunting for a reference, you will find it quicker at Top Verses.

Top Verses also lets you see the top verses for any book or chapter just by clicking on it.

A very useful tool I reckon. It’s quick to bring back results and it gives you several bible translations with verses in context. Very cool!


4 thoughts on “Top Verses

  1. There is a time and season for everything. For me, I am too quick to speak and to slow to listen. But at times, I need to stand and speak just a little quicker.

    it’s the whole wisdom, discernment, timing thing that I just am trying to figure out. I am sure it will take me the rest of my life.
    David, Red letter Believers, “Salt and Light”,


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