Greens cheat?

I was on FB the other day and came across an article posted by a friend of mine who pretty much says that man-made climate change is a load of hot air.

He has come to the opinion that the whole ‘climate change’ thing is just one way to tax the citizens of the world for socialist purposes; a world tax.

Anyway, the article that he posted was about ‘green consumers’ have been found to do this thing called ‘moral self-licensing’.  You haven’t heard of it before? Well, you may want to read this article and see what it’s all about…

Green consumers sometimes take the moral high ground – but it’s all too easy to slide back down. New research suggests that those who make "green" purchases are subsequently more likely to behave selfishly, cheat and steal.

"Another way to think about it is that you’re off the hook – you’ve done your good deed," explains Benoît Monin, a psychologist at Stanford University in California who studies the phenomenon, called "moral self-licensing". [source]


5 thoughts on “Greens cheat?

  1. Fascinating!

    Pardon my stupid question, Vee, but what does FB stand for? This is the 2nd post you’ve mentioned them, but I don’t see a link…or maybe you did and I missed it.


    • Hi Pearl,

      Not a stupid question Pearl, FB means Facebook. I have come across quite a few interesting articles that my facebook friends have put up. Take care Vee


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