For all my overseas readers…

I just thought I would share with you some of our Australian wildlife with you in photos and at the end a little video footage.


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24 thoughts on “For all my overseas readers…

  1. I’m from downunder too and still find the animal and birdlife here absolutely fantastic. Praise the great Creator!


  2. Being a bushie, I am wondering where did all these animals go, you don’t see them anymore where I live, only at the fauna parks, and to really go out into the real outback. Then you see more dead on the side of the road than live ones jumping and roaming around the paddocks.

    Yep, we have unique fauna, but all of the real unique fauna have been destroyed by population growth. It’s sad when I can talk about many different varieties of wallabies and kangaroos, and they are now extinct. The grey and red are the only prolific breeders in this modern world of the Land Down Under.

    They found another two male hairynose wombats lately and are trying to catch them, so they can pen them with a female at St George, hoping to save them from extinction.

    OH well, so much for destruction and deception by those who claim to be concerned for the fauna of Australia.

    The destruction of the Tassy Devils has come about by some ill-informed person who introduced a special virus to kill rabbits, and all it did was kill those animals that had eaten the dead rabbits. Of course those who claim to be concerned for the plite of the Tasmanian devils and other grass eating animals (like the rabbits) in Tasmania won’t have a bar of soap on that theory.

    Blessings and keep up you good work.


    • We saw a lot of Koalas in our gardens in QLD and kangas, and saw a koala the other day crossing a busy road in SA. We make sure it got across the road by stopping traffic. Glad you stopped by George 🙂


  3. Yes, 20 years ago I had koalas, wallabies, and kangaroos in our garden, until the population arrived and the dogs began to roam around the bush.

    Had an encounter with a baby ringtail possum, who fallen out of the tree into the middle of the highway, and was running around in circles.

    I stopped to rescue it, and when it saw my legs heading towards it, it believe that they were a tree trunk. Just saved my legs from being lacerated in a nick of time by grabbing it before it pounced.

    I gave it to a friend who fostered it, and then it became a pet roaming around the house and the tree outside. A wonderful little pet.



    • WOW!!! He must get lots of chicky babes, he certainly impressed me! I’m in love with this bird. Thanks heaps to those who have educated me on this wonderful bird.

      I have heard all those bird calls in the rain-forest. I am not sure now if it was other birds or this very clever bird that I was hearing.

      How’s the car alarm! Sounds exactly like it!

      This had made my day 😀


    • That was wonderful, George! So good, in fact, that I passed it on to a few other animal lovers. Loved the spectators!

      Now, here’s another attempt on my last species(actually better than the forbidden, copyrighted one)

      Oh, and take a gander at these hummers! Very similar to what I view from my kitchen window, but with only one 48oz (1419 ml) feeder, which I refill DAILY from late March through June or July (that’s a lot of sugar). My son got one to land on his finger while it sipped away. Brave little boogers.


  4. Have a look at these Pearl:

    This is the Australian Satin Bowerbird. Quiet a character, and he always collects blue items.

    Here is another one:

    We haven’t any hummingbirds in Australia.


    • By George, you did it!

      That’s the bird I was attempting to put up! (BTW, Vee, I would just delete that youtube link…don’t know what happened there, but the link takes you to a main page which has absolutely nothing to do with bower birds.)

      The link was David Attenborough’s look at a slightly different bowerbird (kind of a greenish-yellow variety) which builds an even more structured nest – with pillars! – and decorates it with piles of acorns, berries, beetles, and very pretty pink flowers. I think I prefer his style to the one that steals car keys 😉 . Google Attenborough’s name together w/bower bird (not satin) and hopefully you’ll get it….I give up on the links!


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