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I went on to my FB this morning and there are some really nice people who I am friends with who I actually have got to know through either their website or blog. One such person is Jackie Alnor. Jackie runs the site called “Apostasy Alert”. On FB she said that she was surprised that she was mentioned in a post that was put up on the Moriel website. She is mentioned in an article as someone who knows how to discern things the biblical way…

So how can we tell the difference between good and bad discernment gifts or ministries? The same as with all other gifts or ministries.

  • How do you discern a true teacher from a false teacher? It is by the degree to which their teaching conforms to or digresses from God’s Word.
  • How do you discern a true prophet from a false prophet? It is by the degree to which their prophecy conforms to or digresses from God’s Word.
  • How do you discern whether someone truly has the gift of “distinguishing spirits”? It is by the degree to which their findings conforms to or digresses from God’s Word.

One of the good examples I would hold up is Jackie Alnor of “Apostasy Alert”. There is no statement of “gifting” on her website. She never mentions that she has arrived at a conclusion based on a special impartation provided only to her by the Spirit. She simply and  consistently documents what is wrong as measured against the standard of God’s Word. Whether it is an analysis of a new book we should be wary of, or the likes of popular personalities like Ted Haggard or TBN, she does not say, “God revealed to me personally that this is bad”. She is very specific in asserting that what they have said or done is in direct contradiction to God’s Word. I am not sure that she would ever claim to have “diakrisis”, but she is certainly a shining example of someone with “aisthesis” [source]

Anyway, you may want to check out this very well written article that deals with biblical discernment. If nothing else, it will make you reassess your approach to this topic.


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  1. Very good article. To me, you seem to have pretty good discernment too! Always enjoy your insight into biblical issues 🙂 (and others)


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