Who does this sound like?


quill My present view… would be that just as, on the factual side, a long preparation culminates in God’s becoming incarnate as Man, so, on the documentary side, the truth first appears in mythical form and then by a long process of condensing or focusing finally becomes incarnate as History. This involves the belief that Myth in general is… at its best, a real though unfocused gleam of divine truth falling on human imagination.

Go on, take a guess as to who penned such words above. You may be surprised when I tell you who the author is.

No cheating, no copying the above quote and googling allowed.

Can’t wait for you all to come back with your answers.


12 thoughts on “Who does this sound like?

  1. Oooh, what fun!

    Morning fog very heavy on the brain at the moment…I’m just trying to figure out what the guy is actually saying! Clearly, he’s not a believer in Jesus Christ as represented by both Testaments, since he reduces Him, and all biblical history, to myth.

    I’m going to guess Thomas Jefferson.


  2. As an avid re-reader of Narnia (7+ times as a child, and countless re-vists to the various volumes as an adult), I too have recently been learning – much to my distress – about the not-so-Christian beliefs of C.S. Lewis.
    Some good articles to add to the one listed above are


    It made me so sad to read these things, but at the same time, my spirit knew they were true. And I know so many people that hero-worship him …


    • I know what you mean Danny. I have read most of his works too, and there were some things that really disturbed my spirit. Gary E Gilley is right when he says that Lewis was no theologian and extremely ecumenical.


  3. Wow, I never would have guessed. That’s disturbing. This quote sounds similar to some things I’ve read by some emerging church favorites.

    I think we’ve discussed this before Vee, but I’ve also read the Narnia books over and over – and was always bothered, even as a child, by the way the guy in ‘The Last Battle’ was accepted by Aslan after he died even though he worshipped the false god Tash and didn’t even believe in Aslan.


  4. Whaaa? I would never have guessed this in a million years 😦 Makes me feel sad.. C.S. has always been one of my favorites.. *stomps feet*

    I’ll do better next time Pearl 🙂 lol


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