How are we to respond???

This is a RED FLAG post!

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I just received an email from a friend of mine who copied an email from Jan Markell’s site; Pearl brought this particular email to my attention and I am glad that she did.

I know that some Christians are very uncomfortable with the topic of UFOs and aliens but this shouldn’t make us shy about such topics. We should understand that there are many people who are walking around today who have had an experience with something that they cannot explain.  This particular topic is found in movies, and books. It has been discussed by scientists such as Stephen Hawking and Richard Dawkins. Astronauts and pilots who you would think are level headed and not nut jobs have had encounters. There’s huge amount of dollars financing projects to find out if we are alone or not. There is political pressure for disclosure coming from a wide variety of people across the board. The Vatican have also chimed in saying that we shouldn’t be so hasty in not believing in what they call ‘Space Brothers’.

A recent survey of Australians by Readers Digest showed that four out of five respondents believed that there is alien life in outer space.

Reader’s Digest chief editor Tom Moore said ‘Australians may be genetically sceptical about most things, but when it comes to extraterrestrials, close encounters, and other X-files matters, we really do believe the truth is out there. Even more startling were results that showed that over two thirds believed that aliens are likely to be friendly and that around 6 out of ten surveyed believe that aliens are already monitoring human activities. But, to adapt a phrase from ufospeak, Australians ‘are not alone’. Similar polls in America and other countries have highlighted similarly large percentages of extraterrestrial beliefs. [source]

I just love the fact that there are brave Christians who go to the yearly Roswell celebrations with answers to those who question what in the world is going on. These Christians have biblical answers to people who are reaching for the stars with questions such as… how did we get here, are we made and designed, have we been created by something out there???

If we are going to have scientists speak about  panspermia which basically is a theory that states that primordial life started out there somewhere and somehow found its way here somehow [Francis Crick is one of the guys that discovered the DNA double helix]…

Crick has refined this idea to directed panspermia. To overcome the huge hurdles of evolution of life from non-living chemicals on earth, Crick proposed, in a book called Life Itself, that some form of primordial life was shipped to the earth billions of years ago in spaceships—by supposedly ‘more evolved’ (therefore advanced) alien beings.

Although he tried to solve the problem of the source of intelligence for the creation of DNA without God, Crick only succeeded in pushing the problem into outer space where, of course, it cannot be tested. Even the non-Christian molecular biologist, Michael Denton, says, in his best-selling book Evolution a Theory in Crisis, ‘Nothing illustrates clearly just how intractable a problem the origin of life has become than the fact that world authorities can seriously toy with the idea of panspermia.’ [source]

Then, I think that we as Christians and Scientists who believe that Genesis speaks of a miraculous creation by God, who spoke His Word and then it came to be, should be ready with answers to this ever increasing panspermia theory. Check out this article about Panspermia.

On a personal note, I have had conversations with people who believe in panspermia and have said…”Don’t you think there is intelligent life out there and why should we be the only one in this vast universe!”

My answer…”Of course I believe there is an intelligence out there. I believe in the God of the bible!” Then I go from there. I am not afraid to discuss this issue with my friends and offer a biblical perspective on this.

Yes we have other created beings apart from ourselves that are mentioned in the bible, they are called Angels. Not all of them kept to their heavenly state and fell.

Jud 1:6  And angels that kept not their own principality, but left their proper habitation, he hath kept in everlasting bonds under darkness unto the judgment of the great day.
Jud 1:7  Even as Sodom and Gomorrah, and the cities about them, having in like manner with these given themselves over to fornication and gone after strange flesh, are set forth as an example, suffering the punishment of eternal fire.

2Pe 2:4  For if God spared not angels when they sinned, but cast them down to hell, and committed them to pits of darkness, to be reserved unto judgment;
2Pe 2:5  and spared not the ancient world, but preserved Noah with seven others, a preacher of righteousness, when he brought a flood upon the world of the ungodly

Anyway, back to the email that I mentioned. It is written by Heidi Swander and is called “A Phenomenon We Can’t Ignore”. It’s highlighting a movie called Unidentified which puts on the biblical lens in understanding the UFO phenomenon. If you have loved ones who are asking the same questions about this ever increasing UFO phenomenon, then perhaps this movie is for you. Or if you prefer to read then I can highly recommend Gary Bates book called “Alien Intrusion – UFOs and the Evolution Connection”! That is a BRILLIANT book and one that I have lent out to friends to read! I have actually gone to see Gary Bates speak on this topic, and he has done extensive research and is no light weight on the matter. In fact, I think you can youtube his name and come up with a few gems.

Here’s the email…

A Phenomenon We Can’t Ignore
by Heidi Swander
July 20, 2010

When I returned to the office after my vacation a few weeks ago, I walked in excited, carrying a movie I had viewed over the break. I said, "Jan, you’ve got to watch this!  You’re really going to like it.  It’s just what you’ve been looking for!"  I kept up the enthusiasm until finally, Jan took the 85 minutes necessary to watch it.  The movie was Unidentified, a thought-provoking dramatic film by producer and director Rich Christiano (whom Jan just interviewed this past weekend.) The DVD not only provides a balanced perspective of the UFO phenomenon, but also challenges viewers to consider life’s most important question — the destiny of their souls.

[…] We did carry Chuck Missler’s excellent book Alien Encounters for a time. It generated quite a bit of interest — and some scorn. (I guess that’s to be expected, even though Chuck’s thesis included many facts, scholarly quotes, and scripture references that are difficult to refute.) But Unidentified, I felt, was just the ticket! A movie that was entertaining, inspirational and educational. There were a respectable number of intriguing facts behind the phenomenon sprinkled throughout the movie.
In the bonus feature, A Special Message From the Director Rich says, "A lot of people ask me if I believe in UFOs. I don’t believe in aliens — not even for a second. I do think it’s demonic."
Many Bible and science scholars agree with Rich’s conclusion. In his aforementioned book, Chuck Missler explains, "A number of UFO researchers have concluded that modern-day aliens may very well be the modern-day equivalent of fallen angels or demonic entities.  Dr. Pierre Guerin, a well-known UFO researcher in the 1960s and 1970s, examined the nature and activities of aliens and concluded, ‘UFO behavior is more akin to magic than to physics as we know it . . . the modern UFOnauts and the demons of past days are probably identical.’"

In the book, The Kingdom of the Occult, Dr. Walter Martin, with Jill Martin Rische and Kurt Van Gordon, say, "Christians may not have ready answers to every question about UFO sightings, but in the face of extraterrestrial doctrine, no question remains as to the source of their messages. They are driven by spiritual beings opposed to God’s truth and thus, demonic in nature." Walter Martin is considered to be a world authority on cults and the occult and was the original "Bible Answerman" of the Christian Research Institute. He passed away in 1989 leaving a big hole in the world of apologetics. [Read the rest HERE]




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  1. Great links, Vee. This’ll keep me busy for a while.

    I really like Gary Bates. Creation Ministries International aired an episode devoted to this topic by interviewing Bates. That he attends these UFO conferences, such as Roswell, is bold indeed! I need to get that book of his.


  2. Wow! I will have to bookmark this one and come back to it when I have time (I’m at work right now) to sit *rubs hands together*

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. ”Of course I believe there is an intelligence out there. I believe in the God of the bible…Yes we have other created beings apart from ourselves that are mentioned in the bible, they are called Angels. Not all of them kept to their heavenly state and fell.”

    Right on Vee!


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