You have two choices…

I needed a break this morning from my book that I am doing, so I decided to check my feed from all of my favourite blogs. One blogger DD from ‘Caribbean Shulamite’ has written a thought provoking post on the choices we have as human beings.

She starts off by setting the scene concerning a blogger who has lost her way somewhat. I personally know of such people who were once committed Christians who have turned away to either spirituality of the mystical kind or atheism, or even other faiths.

DDs post on the matter is a sad one and one that we can all relate too…

"I am a spiritual person and once was religious. I was filled with the spirit in my 36th year and publically accepted Christ as my savior. It was a profound year for me. But now… I have been on an amazing journey through life thus far, and while I find truth in the teachings of Christ I am no longer a Christian. I have moved past that onto other deeper truths."

I have comes across various blogs, websites and the like in the past where persons make a similar statement, yet on many occasions I can’t help but feel there’s a somewhat angry or bitter tone and I would think to myself that perhaps something has happened, specifically, that influenced the individual to make the choice to reject the faith and make that decision to walk out of God’s hand.

[…]So, what does she believe now? This:

"I believe earth is a boarding school for the soul. We all are here to do, and go through it all with each other. We must, like the Bonnie Raitt song, "get on into it, down where its tangled and dark"."

Where it is ‘tangled and dark’? Is this deeper truth? It leaves lots of questions from where I sit.

DD shares a few scriptures and tries to make sense of this type of situation. Read her thoughtful post HERE.


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