Do you like to visit forums?

Just quickly, I was browsing Pearl’s site which you can find here:

And she has blogged about a new Forum from Lighthouse Trials. If you like forums and discussion go to Pearl’s post!

And from there you can find out more about this Forum!




5 thoughts on “Do you like to visit forums?

  1. I like to read forums now and then but I never comment on them (would probably be a very time consuming thing). This new one looks good, and seems to be gradually picking up and generating some interesting discussions.


    • I use to love being on the Moriel one… way back when they use to have one. I use to moderate it but they decided to can it because it take a LOT of time to moderate! Then I found blogging and that can take up a lot of time, but at least you can post when you like!


  2. I can imagine how time consuming that was! Yes, the beauty of blogging is tending to your blog when it suits you.


  3. I’ve been richly blessed by some really good forums: has some theological discussions that curl my very straight hair,they’re so rich! I can’t wait to see this one take off. I have to admit, though, when it comes to that format, I’m more of a spectator. Until something really gets my goat, I suppose…


    • I will have to check out! I totally get where you are coming from. I sit back for ages before I join a forum openly. But once I do and I have come out from the shadows I have really enjoyed it. I do learn a lot from others though, and it’s great seeing how other ppl come to the Word of God and give you something else to ponder.


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