Brian McLaren, Evolution, and the Fall (via YINKAHDINAY)

As you probably know, I have been blogging for a while now on issues that are changing the way the Church thinks, preaches and interacts with believers and unbelievers alike. Such topics include, Liberation Theology, the Social Gospel, Restorationism and Creation/Evolution.

Brian McLaren has written countless things on the above topics. He has released books and has a few videos that sum up where he thinks the Church should go. These issues have a direct implication as to how the church interacts with today’s culture and what it holds to be true to the story of God.

The post has only two quotes about McLaren’s understanding on evolution and the fall and it is obvious to me that he rejects both the six day creation along with what happened at the fall.

Read the quotes and then you will understand why says the following about what the gospel actually is when asked by one of his readers…

Even the most basic questions seem unfathomable – like, ‘What is the good news’. What is the good news that Jesus came to tell us?

I know it’s such a basic question that it may seem crazy to ask, but I’d really appreciate the shortest of answers from your perspective.

R: This simple question is so important and powerful. In many ways, it has been the focus of my recent books, especially A New Kind of Christianity, Everything Must Change, and the Secret Message of Jesus. Here’s how I’d say it in a sentence (after the jump):

The kingdom of God is at hand.

The kingdom of God – God’s reconciling community, God’s new way of living, God’s dream for creation, God’s mission in this world, God’s healing of all creation, God’s will being done on earth as in heaven, Creation 2.0

At hand – within reach, available to everyone, truly here and at work, present, inviting our participation, calling us to rethink everything and reorient our lives

This is the good news Jesus proclaimed both before (Mark 1:14) and after (Acts 1:3) the resurrection. It’s also the good news Paul proclaimed (Acts 28:23, 31). It’s the one I hope more and more of us rediscover, embody, celebrate, and proclaim as well.

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Brian McLaren, one of the top emergent gurus, is a dangerous man.  I read his book A Generous Orthodoxy last year and it was a painful read — the only book that I’ve recently read that was worse was The Shack.  McLaren’s latest book is A New Kind of Christianity.  Mike Wittmer is reviewing it here.  One of the interesting things that Wittmer notes is that 1) McLaren embraces the theory of evolution, and 2) his view of the fall is twisted as a re … Read More