Obelisks of man

Mans impression leaves a remarkable stain

against the soft flowing clouds an obelisk stands tall

What does it say to the generations that follow

That man has reached up and touched a sacred  space?

From earth to heaven the structure does reach

All this from his hands, by his sweat and his toil

Man shouts, we have done it, so we are like Him

through our own works we can reach to His heavenly throne!


2 thoughts on “Obelisks of man

    • I wasn’t sure about this poem or whether I should publish it. But when I was writing it, I came to understand the tower of babel more and how that tower illustrates salvation through works. Which of course then relates to the social gospel and its branching out towards liberation theology too.

      I think that in today’s day and age the tower of babel is being reconstructed spiritually.

      As always, thanks for taking the time to read my posts 🙂



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