Mexican Oil Disaster and a frightening scenario…

Rom 8:22 For we know that all creation has been groaning with the pains of childbirth right up to the present time.

As the earth collapses on itself  – or so it seems –  as the sun is waking up from its nap [see Carla’s post HERE] and as the earth spew’s forth its liquid gold in the Mexican Gulf… it seems that there may be more trouble ahead.

That is what some people are saying. I have just listened to a youtube about the Mexican Oil disaster. In that video the guy talking says that the man who was in charge for putting out all the Kuwaiti oil well fires has some news about this current disaster.

Apparently, this was a disaster that was almost set up waiting to happen, a perfect storm if you like. The pounds per pressure for this depth is something that cannot be contained; 100,000 PSI, that’s a problem.  There is no known device to cap a well with such a high PSI pressure. Also, geologists believe there are 4 -5 cracks on the ocean floor. Using a GPS and Depth finder system, experts have discovered a large gas bubble 15-20 miles across and tens of feet high under the ocean floor. If that cracks open, BIG TROUBLE!

Have a listen and see if you think that this scenario is a real possibility.

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8 thoughts on “Mexican Oil Disaster and a frightening scenario…

    • It’s a real possibility… or maybe it’s nothing to worry about and it’s just scare mongering. Not sure as I am no geologist and this is not my area of expertise.


  1. You never know. Still, a few choice verses from the book of Revelation come to mind (8:9 and 16:3).

    Did you catch the name of the guy being interviewed?


    • No… I did read it somewhere, but that means I have to go find it again. hmmmmpppff. Yeah, those verses in Revelation seem to fit the bill, definitely.


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