A simple question…

Today I read the following…

Rob Bell, in his book Velvet Elyis, and other Emergent leaders call for a reinvention of Christianity because, they claim, the tra­ditional view has failed to bring about the Gospel’s intended results. [source]

I just have a very simple question about the above quote. What is the gospel’s intention anyway?


4 thoughts on “A simple question…

  1. Obviously this subject really needs our attention (you sent me 3 of the same email). What is the gospel’s intention – we really need to be sure within ourselves about the gospel and what it really means and stands for. (Sorry have to go; appointment).


    • Whoops… my blogging tool said that it wasn’t sent. Sorry bout that. Leonie you are right in knowing what the gospel is all about. If you don’t understand the gospel of salvation and our blessed hope which is in the next world then the gospel will be distorted.


  2. The gospel’s intended result is the salvation of lost sinners from an eternity in hell by Jesus who paid their debt and has the only cure for their spiritual death. The only way Christianity has failed to bring about this result is by changing or watering down the gospel and failing to preach repentance. The ‘gospel’ that this “new Christianity” offers is the social gospel of good works devoid of the truth which will not bear eternal fruit or save souls and therefore is nothing more than filthy rags.

    Oops…did I say the “H” word?


    • Yes Carla… you said the “H” word, hahaha. And you have put into words the real gospel and the differences between this “new gospel” perfectly. Thanks.


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