More from Creationists on Noah’s Ark…

Just in case you are wanting to stay up-to-date on this whole Noah’s Ark thing. I have published the latest from CMI…

Noah’s Ark, or … what?
A special report June 11 2010

The rumours of hoaxing have several inconsistencies within themselves (which is in any case the nature of rumour, so does not necessarily reflect on those who have reported the existence of such tales). Despite this, I have come to believe that a modern-day hoax is far more probable than any other explanation of the site. What follows is a synopsis of the points relevant to that decision.


4 thoughts on “More from Creationists on Noah’s Ark…

  1. Wow Vee, you’ve posted some very interesting things here lately…looks like I’ll have to come back when I have more time and check them all out!


  2. Thanks Vee, it’s finding the time these days that’s the challenge.

    It was really interesting reading the updates about the supposed ark. Why anyone would go to so much trouble to stage such an elaborate hoax is beyond me.


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