Seriously, you MUST read Calvin’s essay on Liberation Theology!

I have just gone back to Calvin’s essay on liberation theology and reread it, there is sooo much in there. I had so many light bulb moments that they could have lit up a whole city! No kidding 😀

Once you have read this post, things will really start to make sense to you and perhaps even challenge you. You will see how the Brian McLaren’s and Rick Warren’s of this world think. You will see why the bible should not be read and interpreted within the context of social justice. You will see how God’s word was never intended to be…anthropocentric (Man-centred) rather than Christocentric (Christ-centred). This anthropocentric obsession flies in the face of Jesus’ instruction that we turn the other cheek.

Calvin’s essay has put all the pieces of the puzzle together in one succinct post that literally blew my mind!

I really cannot add anything to this essay of Calvin’s, nor do I need too. But what I can say is that you simply must do yourself a favour and read this most important piece. It speaks volumes about what is happening today in the Church!

A hearty AMEN is in order I reckon!


10 thoughts on “Seriously, you MUST read Calvin’s essay on Liberation Theology!

  1. Totally agree Vee. I’ve cross-posted it and I think it’s one of the (if not the) best blog post I’ve ever read. He’s a genius!


  2. Genius…you’re not kidding!

    Okay, so after I untied the knots in my brain and got through the big words I had at least half a dozen lightbulb moments, and have copied and pasted a few nuggets to chew on a few more times. This has been a huge help – wow, this explains a LOT!

    Thanks Vee for directing us to this essay.


  3. Hey Vee!!!
    I’ve been *silent* but keeping tabs on your blog through my reader 🙂
    Had to stop by to say, your comment at the end of the article was so weighty. GREAT point.


  4. Got your post in my email and perused it during my lunch time. I will certainly read it again.. much to grasp hold of. It explains a lot. It makes me understand our last election and those who voted in a way that seemed contridictory to me.
    So… should we be involved politically? It’s got me concerned that I am a little toooo concerned and active in this area. It’s hard for me to be passive about political issues… hmmmm. I need another read through.
    Thanks so much for sharing… good stuff!


    • Lorrie, I understand when it comes to politics how as Christians it’s hard to be silent with such things. I also understand that American politics is completely different from the UK and Australia. So, with that in mind I have found a category called Democracy and Elections written by Calvin the Great that might be helpful for you:

      Again, Calvin lives in England and their political system is quite a bit different. More secular really. Same as we Aussies, we have a very secular system. Our two major parties do not really bring in the whole bible thumping thing. We do have a small Christian party called “family first” and their preference goes to the party which is more conservative.

      I always make a conscious vote, so I vote for the party that is more in line with biblical morality regarding abortion, family unit etc,.

      Hope this helps anyway 🙂


  5. After reading Calvin’s essay, it makes me wonder if those within the Church really understand that they are operating within the whole liberation theology model?


    • Good question Vee. It looks so innocent and even in some ways “good” but it’s deception pure and simple and Calvin places a bomb underneath it…


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