Liberation theology – is that true evangelism?


liberation theologyI have often come across those on the internet and personally who strongly hold to some sort of ‘Liberation Theology’ personally and/or politically. Dr Calvin Smith has just blogged about this, and he writes that evangelism and and liberation theology is like trying to mix oil and water! The two simply don’t mix. Liberation theology just so  happens to be one of Calvin’s areas of expertise!

His latest post is well worth your time in checking out because I bet that some of you have come across this type of theology in general discussion and didn’t even realise what it’s all about.

[…]liberation theology is selective and does not embrace the whole of the biblical witness.There is certainly no place for diachronic interpretation, that is, a biblical theology metanarrative focusing upon the Bible’s central core – Heilsgeschichte (salvation, or redemption, history) – which is central to orthodox Christianity’s thought and practice. Instead a particular understanding of the Exodus narrative focusing narrowly upon political liberation becomes of primary importance. What liberation theology does is to take this and several other Scriptures, which are then decontextualised and recontextualised according to the needs of the marginalised reading community in order to emphasise a particular kind of political liberation. [source]

He takes the matter and draws a sound conclusion that I happen to agree with one hundred percent.

It’s interesting to me that the metanarrative is giving way to the narrative, but I guess that’s post-modernism for you.

Anyway, check out Calvin’s very thoughtful post:

Evangelicalism and Liberation Theology: Oil and Water

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