Propaganda still happens. Surprised, NOT!

Below is a link to an anonymous news reader. In this article he explains why he is anonymous (for now) but he also explains how certain important news coverage is being omitted! I have to say, that when this sort of thing happens it is not true journalism but is more like propaganda!

Anchor accuses own network of ‘embarrassing’ bias in Israel coverage

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Even photo manipulation is being used as seen HERE. Again, this is NOT journalism!

The media is accused of being owned by Jews by people who are anti-Semite. I read that all the time from websites and from people who comment about middle-eastern issues. I ask myself why would the Jews want to portray themselves in such a poor light? Seriously, are people that dumb to think that the Jews control the world through media when the media is clearly not stating all the facts to make Israel look like it has become a terrorist state. I am not saying for one minute that I agree with every political move that Israel has made. What I am saying is there are certain facts – and important ones –  that are not being covered in MSM some of the time.

Today’s journalism has turned into farce!