Links to check out regarding the Turkish Flotilla….

Moriel Response to Israeli Blockade Action – Jacob responds to the recent news outlining pivotal points that many of the MSM conveniently leave out.

There is an open letter to the Turkish government from a guy called Daniel Greenfield who signs of as “A Descendant of a Subject of the Ottoman Empire”.  When Turkey has accused Israel of state-sponsored terrorism while describing Monday morning’s Israeli attack on a fleet of ships carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza, Daniel asks if the Turkish government would stand up if scrutinised… You say you want an international investigation into the flotilla raid? Sure. Right after we have an international investigation into that minor matter of Armenian genocide that you’ve been ducking for quite a while. As the new "standard bearer" in fighting for human rights, I’m sure you will agree that it’s only fair that Turkey should undergo the same scrutiny it demands for other countries.

There is much more at the first link I gave you. Including, videos, certain Rabbis responding and calling this clash similar to Gog and Magog which sounds very ominous and the IDF: saying… there were global Jihad links on flotilla.

Getting back to the whole Turkish thing. Calvin has written an excellent post called “What Utter Hypocrisy”. In that post Calvin points out that the Turkish government is pretty much throwing stones in their own glass house when accusing Israel of ‘state-terrorism’. What a nerve!

Today Turkish PM Tayyip Erdogan quoted the sixth commandment to Israel in Hebrew, telling the Jewish state "Thou shalt not kill". He has also described Hamas as freedom fighters. This from the government which continues to threaten severing ties with any country which even dares raise the issue of the Armenian holocaust, presided over by Ottoman Turkey when over a million Armenian Christians were massacred in a myriad atrocities across the country during the First World War (if you don’t know much about those events do a little research and the facts will horrify you).

And as I write this another ship challenging the blockade. You can read about that HERE.

I guess we will see how all of this unfolds.



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