A few more things regarding the Flotilla incident…

This youtube explains the tactic used by ‘suicide activists’. ‘Suicide activists’ best weapon of choice is the media!

Calvin Smith has had a guest poster, Larry Helyer, on his blog in regards to the Flotilla incident. Make sure you go over there and read it, you can address this post over at Calvin’s blog as well:

I have followed the Mideast Crisis regularly since 1968. I continue to be amazed by the conflicting versions of violent episodes that, tragically, regularly occur. One might think the Israelis and the Arabs (to simplify a rather complex situation) live in different universes.
The rhetoric employed and conclusions drawn often defy rational discourse. Why is it that the Arab press and diplomatic spokespersons typically resort to "over the top" language when reporting on or responding to these tragedies. [read more

Hillel Neuer is a spokesman at the UN Human Rights Council. He is one lone voice in a corrupt oil run Human Rights Council:

Hillel Neuer, Special to the National Post · Wednesday, Jun. 2, 2010

What follows is an edited version of a statement delivered yesterday by UN Watch executive director Hillel Neuer to the UN Human Rights Council on a resolution to condemn Israel for the flotilla incident. [read the statement here]


Hillel Neuer addresses the UN for youself:

Here is another articls about what went on on the ship:


Behind the Headlines: The seizure of the Gaza flotilla

31 May 2010

Israeli naval personnel boarded a flotilla of six vessels attempting to violate the maritime blockage on Gaza. Militants onboard attacked them with live fire and light weaponry including guns, knives and clubs. The attack on the Israeli soldiers was premeditated.

Weapons prepared on the Mavi Marmara (Photo: IDF Spokesperson)

Weapons prepared on the Mavi Marmara (Photo: IDF Spokesperson)

Special Alert: Boats, Bias and Big Lies

In some of the latest video footage released by the IDF, it is clear that the Israeli naval commandos were certainly unprepared for the violence they encountered, including being attacked with live fire.

– Real weapons, real weapons!

– They have real weapons?

– Yes, yes, real weapons. They are firing on us!