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First thing… sorry I haven’t blogged in a little while. I have been pretty busy with things here lately. My bad!

Second thing… I have managed to have a little bit of time today and I thought I would catch up on some of my favourite blogs and see what is a buzz in blog world. So this post is pretty much a mix-match of things that I thought were worth a read.

Calvin Smith has three very good articles. One article is about a gay politician in Britain who was seemingly not gay enough in public according to the media! Interesting observation Cal! Oh, and if you would like to read a very thoughtful article about Christianity and the homosexual issue that Calvin has written see:

Homosexuality Revisited in Light of the Current Climate.
Conference paper presented to the Tyndale Fellowship (Triennial Conference, 3-6 July 2006, Regents Park Conference Centre,Nantwich, England) on 5 July 2006.

I highly recommend that article.

The second one of Calvin’s is about the very much one sided media when it comes to Israel. A very balance piece about how the media isn’t completely honest when it comes to the ancient Jewish presence that can be archeologically proven. Calvin also addresses there are those in the Christian camp who can see that Israel does no wrong and this too is one eyed and not productive.

And speaking of Israel — let’s face it, Israel has been in the news quite a bit over the last few days – Calvin has addressed the whole “Flotilla” thing. He urges us to see the bigger picture, and I must say that the comments following his post are a good read as well. Jacob Prasch also has addressed this issue in a point by point article, you can find it HERE. And if you want to delve deeper into what actually happened “Honest Reporting” has done some excellent research and has a youtube addressing this latest news event that has instigated protests from all around the world against Israel. I just have to wonder what the fall out of this is going to be, is this event going to lead Israel into war with her neighbours and further anti-Semitism world wide?  I am reminded that we must pray for the peace of Jerusalem, and that peace will not be brought about by mans political effort but by the salvation that Jesus offers to individuals who are living in sin and don’t look forward to eternity. This, by the way, leads me to the next article.

A New Kind of Canadian Christian Conference

by Carla from “More Books and Things”. Carla has a post with a huge amount of links addressing that ‘emergent guru guy’ Brian McLaren. In it she writes:

So the first thing that should alert those who are going to this conference is that Brian McLaren is among those who are the enemies of the cross, and has totally left biblical Christianity

Finally, as John MacArthur says…

    "…the father of lies is working to destroy the saving sanctifying truth that God has given to us in His Word and in His Son.

    The effects of false teaching have been devastating and damning. That is why the Bible calls them damnable, or destructive heresies which lead men to destruction.

An article from Baptist Press called “Lessen focus on eternity, McLaren says at Willow Creek student ministries conference” addresses exactly where McLaren stands regarding eternity and is one of the most eye popping articles I have read in a long time – in McLaren’s own words he says…

The orthodox understanding that Jesus will return at a future date and forcefully conquer all His enemies also needs rethinking, according to McLaren.
"This eschatological understanding of a violent second coming leads us to believe (as we’ve said before) that in the end, even God finds it impossible to fix the world apart from violence and coercion; no one should be surprised when those shaped by this theology behave accordingly," McLaren wrote.

I advise you all to read that last paragraph very carefully and really understand what he is saying. Once you do, you’ll hopefully see that traditional theology is putting people into an extremist camp that according to McLaren is thwart with violence and coercion. I will leave you, the reader, to ponder deeply about that!

Anyway, like I said, I haven’t blogged much this week, but I just wanted to share with you what I have been reading lately.

In Christ


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    What was supposed to be a routine Israeli maritime boarding and inspection operation is turning into a propaganda victory for the Islamist terror group Hamas. The main lesson learned from the incident on the ship Mavi Marmara is: Don’t bring a paintball gun to a knife fight.

    The initial frenzy of denunciations of the operation in which nine people died – using words like piracy, slaughter, genocide and so forth – is fading in the cold light of facts.


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