anti-abortion dolls find their way into a school…

Just quickly. How do you all feel about this?

Plastic human fetus dolls – soft, in pink and brown, and about 4 inches long – have been handed out at Oakwood Elementary School by an employee who was put on administrative leave Thursday over the situation. [source]


4 thoughts on “anti-abortion dolls find their way into a school…

  1. I’ll bite!

    I have mixed feelings about this: on one hand, kids are having sex earlier & earlier. If they think they are so grown up, then let them seriously consider the consequences of their actions. And why not? If these children are continually told that “Heather can have two mommies”, then how is this any more offensive?

    On the other hand, it does seem a little tacky and bad taste. It could’ve been worse though: they very well could’ve been given fetuses, considering how crass and sensational things must be in order to get their attention. Pretty tame considering. I wonder: will there be a collector’s series, or adoption certificates as well? This could be big business!

    It’s just another sign of the times, I’m afraid. At least this teacher is attempting to be a light in a dark place: the schools are a “warzone”, afterall. As the saying goes, all is fair in love & war.


  2. Yikes. Sorry, Vee, to be so crass myself. Hyped up on caffiene (morning my time) and responding to this, was probably not the best idea. Now that hours have gone by, I wish I’d left out the bloody part. Didn’t need to go there. Please feel free to edit & delete if you see fit. My apologies.


  3. Wow. I sure never heard about this one the news in Seattle. Hey…I have to applaud the people involved in this that they were just willing to do something!


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