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The following article pretty much sounds to me that these so called ‘Intelligence Officials’ are considering spiritual/mystical approaches to greater understand the UFO and alien phenomenon.

I found it interesting that they mention angels in this article…

Intelligence officials have unique approach on UFOs, ETs?

In his book "Messengers of Deception," researcher Jacques Vallee describes his interaction with a person he calls "Major Murphy."
"Then he posed a question that, obvious as it seems, had not really occurred to me: ‘What makes you think UFOs are a scientific problem?’" wrote Vallee.
Vallee explained, "Now, the UFO phenomenon could be controlled by alien beings." To this, Major Murphy responded, "If it is, then the study of it doesn’t belong in science. It belongs in intelligence."

And, as Major Murphy told Vallee, the intelligence and counterintelligence concepts and methods might also be valuable and useful.
The integration of these different ways of perceiving current situations might lead to a synergy or transcendent perspective and understanding.
Maybe this is part of what has been termed "transcendent warfare." The phrase was used by a Navy SEAL officer for a research paper about the U.S. defense and intelligence program on advanced human perception, Project STAR GATE.

When it comes to normal current events as well as unconventional topics such as UFOs, ETs, ESP, life after death and angels, a higher intelligence and many other mysteries of Nature and the Universe, we probably all have potential access to greater understanding.

And I bet you didn’t know that there may well be a Mary and UFO connection. Check it out HERE and HERE. There is a whole blog dedicated to this HERE.

Time will tell if the connection becomes more apparent. And if the interfaith movement really takes on the whole concept of Mary being the spiritual mother of humanity will she/it get more followers?


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  1. Things are really cooking aren’t they?! Can’t even keep up with it all. This and other things make it so apparent and understandable how in the last days people’s hearts will fail them for fear. Oh how it makes me know that I should be abiding in constant prayer. Surely the time is short and so many are still lost 😦


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