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I remember talking to a friend of mine about a year ago about how laws can change to suite the spirit of the age. I mentioned that one day there is a real possibility that paedophilia will become lawful and my friend couldn’t see that ever happening.

Today we are hearing all about ‘Social Justice’ and on the surface it seems like a good thing. But is it?

‘Social Justice’ changes with the times and adjusts with to the spirit of the age [see Zeitgiest]. What is socially just now may not be in the future, or indeed it may not have been in the past!

Ancient Greece not only encouraged pederasty, they institutionalised it. They considered it as a way for men to instil virtue in young boys. Although the sexual side of the relationship was the most infamous part of it, it was also a spiritual relationship as well. So today’s ‘social justice’ is just today’s, we don’t know what tomorrows will hold or change into.

A Glimpse of tomorrow:

Currently we do see a Pro-pedophile activist movement going on.  Social justices are subjective and shift with the sands of time.

Below is an article that sadly proves my point regarding this matter. It is one of the most disturbing things I have read in a long time.


The so-called "guidebook for parents for children’s sexual education from ages 1-3" urged parents to "combine the necessities with the amenities", as a German saying goes, "by tickling, petting, caressing and kissing the child in various places when cleaning it".

Another passage reads: "The vagina and particularly the clitoris attract almost no attention through naming and tender touching (neither by father nor mother) and thus make it hard for girls to develop pride for their sexuality."

A massive outcry by parents groups – and a police probe led to the booklet being recalled in Germany.


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  1. Indeed quite disgusting. So many children in so many parts of the world are routinely abused – sexually, physically, mentally, emotionally.


  2. I was talking to a friend recently and couldn’t remember the term “zeitgeist” but was telling them about what it meant. So thanks for refreshing my memory.


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