Dr Calvin Smith writes about the liberal left – it’s coming back to bite them…


My last post I wrote about the spirit of the age, zeitgeist. Clearly the liberal left has influenced society. But there is evidence that this frame of thinking is turning back on itself… 


Like it or not, liberal intellectual elites ultimately dictate what represents acceptable thought and behaviour, influencing the very way we think. These elites are more often than not shaped by the university arena, which influences generation after generation of politicians, judges, police chiefs, teachers, senior managers in public services, intellectuals, future university lecturers, and so on. The battle of ideas within universities is, of course, much to be commended. It drives knowledge forward and contributes strongly to human advancement. Problematically, though, narrow and prescriptive intellectualism can all too often become somewhat arrogant and pompous.

See how this kind of thinking is turning on itself HERE.

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