The 2012 NWO Agenda

It’s the end of the week, my Grandson and myself have been sick with some kind of head cold which then developed into some kind of secondary infection. So, I have been nursing myself and Oliver back to health. We will get there. I just hope this winter won’t be as bad as last winter. With six in the family it seemed as though someone was sick right through the winter months. Last year was a bad year for me as I ended up having whooping cough and ever since then I get things very easily.

It’s funny how before Oliver was born I could have counted on two hands how many times any of us went to the doctors in ten years. Now it seems we live there!

Anyway, I am just letting you all know because I usually would have blogged a little more than I have lately. Also I covet your prayers for our health with winter looming!

I do however want to show you a video that speaks about the NWO and how things could be moving forward to a more powerful United Nations. You many want to google ‘Agenda 21’ to learn more about it if you feel so inclined.

So without further ado… here tis:


2 thoughts on “The 2012 NWO Agenda

  1. Ah, my younger brother is going through the same thing, living at the doctors. My oldest son was off school this week with the flu. My prayers for Oliver and yourself (& the rest of the family).


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