Five things that are noteworthy.

Here I am sitting in my lounge with a few minutes to myself contemplating today’s global issues. I’m sure you all do that… right? Anyway, after hearing about Labor’s budget and how they are going to tax our mining industry [the only thing that stopped us heading into a major recession] and after having an interesting discussion on facebook about it, I decided to check out what else is going on around the globe. As you do!

The first point of stop is a place called “Mulberry Press – Eternal Value Review”. I have blogged about them before and was surprised to notice that I couldn’t find them in my blogroll! So before going any further I have blogrolled them under the political section of this blog.

If you haven’t heard of them before, they look at world wide economic trends through a prophetic lens. This is what they have to say…

To alert Christians to insidious developing trends within global monetary and economic systems; to promote an awareness of their impact upon faith and freedom; to help guide Christians’ responses to the approaching challenges and threats.

I have been getting their email newsletters for about a year now, and I find them to be most enlightening.

Their latest one speaks about knowing the times and seasons we are in. They have pointed out five areas that may be of prophetic significance. The five areas I would like to share with you….

1. Tensions between China and the US are rising. From this spectre, a major change in epoch is likely underway … a new chapter for the world is being opened. Confrontations are now more direct. It was only a matter of time before the agendas of these two nations would no longer be mutually compatible. Please see the Signs of the Times column in this issue for a further insight as to the significance of trends in Asia today.

2. Google. Indeed, Google, the major web search engine is withdrawing from China. This very event may be a signpost …a marker of the times with
respect to the aforementioned point. A major world influencing corporation such as Google has decided to leave behind a potential business opportunity in a land of 1.3 billion potential consumers.

3. Global Debt. Governments around the world are plunging into greater indebtedness at an alarming rate. It is an unprecedented development during peacetime. This issue’s Personal Perspectives column outlines the potential “Biblical”:significance of this rather sudden acceleration of late. (See graph on pg.1)

4. Europe on the Ropes? Many analysts today believe that the European currency union must soon collapse. The development path to the state of the European Union today has been probably one of the most singularly amazing developments of the past half-century. Could its economic and monetary marriage soon dissolve? It would be sure to have great repercussions on the world’s power order.

5. Rise of Islam. That there may be an Islamic connection to geopolitical trends in the world today, has been seared into the consciousness of most North Americans ever since 9/11. However, this influence is much more significant and complex than most people know. The influence of Islamic elements, in many different ways, is very like a prime vector of the “appointed season” of our times.

We live in world interconnected as never before. Single events can domino into serious reverberations quickly around the globe. And, there are many potential triggers that can launch such world-reaching consequences.

If this has piqued your interest then go to the article and read more about these five things and much more. Here is the PDF file.