Proposed “International Authority” for Jerusalem – Prophecy Unfolding!

I just thought I would check out world news on google and came across an article about a proposed international authority that’s going to be put forward to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

I have no idea how PM Netanyahu will publically respond to this proposal. Netanyahu has always been very vocal on how Jerusalem is and always will be the undivided capital under Israeli control. So personally, I don’t think he will like this idea one bit.

The thing is this. If there was enough international pressure and a change in Israeli government then the reality of an international authority is plausible.

Biblically this would be major fulfilment of prophecy in my humble opinion. Like with anything that unfolds in the middle-east we just have to wait and see if anything eventuates. We watch [as we should be watchmen] as all the biblical prophetic pieces fit together for the eventual climax of end time events.

Students of prophecy will surely see this proposal as another sign that has been foretold in the book of Daniel where it speaks about some kind of charismatic world leader that will speak of peace for Jerusalem and set himself in the rebuilt temple.

Jesus re-emphasised this when he said:

Mat 24:15  When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, [whoso readeth, let him understand]

Anyway, here is the article that I am speaking about…

Canada has formally unveiled a proposal to resolve the conflict over the future of Jerusalem’s Old City, the Montreal Gazette reported on Saturday.

Jerusalem's Old City

Graves at the Mount of Olives cemetery are decorated with Israeli flags outside Jerusalem’s Old City on April 19, 2010.

Photo by: Reuters

The proposal, which was released after seven years of research and planning, calls for a "special regime" comprising Israeli and Palestinian officials headed by "an effective and empowered third-party" commissioner to oversee a 0.9-square-kilometer district that contains the city’s contested Jewish, Muslim and Christian holy sites.

[…]The Gazette goes on to say that the proposal emphasizes the need for an alternative to the geographic division of Jerusalem or exclusive control by either Israel or the Palestinians, or the creation of a separate international authority to oversee the Old City. [source]

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