A tall story – design or evolution?

giraffe-statue Last night I watched a most fascination show about Giraffes. As I learnt about how the Giraffe with its amazing designed body I was really trying hard to understand how evolution could have produced this animal.

Did you know that the dark patches on the Giraffe have extra blood vessels attached to each of them which actually releases body heat patch by patch! These animals have so much blood they they need a cooling system and the patches switch on and off as needed.

The other thing is that because of the animal having such a long neck it needs a really big heart to pump all that blood to the head which is a very long way from the heart.

Just read this…

A giraffe’s heart has special adaptations to enable it to pump blood up the animal’s long neck to its head. A giraffe’s heart has the formidable task of pumping blood at high enough pressure so that it can flow up the giraffe’s neck to the brain. To accomplish this, a giraffe’s heart is specially adapted. It can weigh up to 10 kg (22 lb) and generates twice the blood pressure of other large mammals. Having enough blood pressure to pump blood to the brain when the giraffe’s neck is extended upward is one challenge, but when the animal lowers its head it risks injury due to excessive blood pressure. To counter this, giraffes have a pressure-regulating system known as the rete mirabile which restricts the amount of blood that rushes towards the brain when the giraffe lowers its head.

This pressure-regulating system is found all along the major vein of the neck. It is designed to counteract against the massive heart that pumps all that blood around the body of the Giraffe. As the Giraffe lowers its head to drink these valves along the major vein open up much like a thin parachute to capture the blood so just the right amount of blood gets to the brain without the brain exploding from blood overload! When the Giraffe lifts its head up again the pooled blood in these parachute looking valves empty and flow back.

Evolutionists say that the Giraffe was much like a sheep when it started out. It was like any other grazer. It needed to grow a long neck because the environment had run out of lower level food, or something like that. My question is this…

I wonder what evolved first, the heart or the neck? It couldn’t have been the heart because the animal would have had massive blood pressure problems and the brain would not have survived. And it couldn’t have been the neck because the heart wouldn’t have been strong enough to pump the blood up to the brain. Basically we either have an animal with a really bad headache and not too fit to survive. Or we have an animal with a long neck that would have been too weak to function and passing out at the slightest movement. How silly.

The other thing I learnt is that the Giraffe has a perfectly designed skin that stops blood pooling in the legs which wouldn’t be much good. If the blood did pool, the Giraffes knees and ankles would be so swollen that it wouldn’t be able to move…

"Equally marvelous is the fact the blood does not pool in the legs, and a giraffe does not bleed profusely if cut on the leg. The secret lies in an extremely tough skin and an inner fascia that prevents blood pooling. This skin combination has been studied extensively by NASA scientists in their development of gravity-suits for astronauts."

This skin becomes tougher as the Giraffe goes from infancy to adulthood.

I just don’t understand how this could have evolved for this perfect biological mechanism to be functional. One part of this mechanism is extremely dependent on another.

It’s like taking a lawn mower engine and putting it in a jumbo jet and expecting that it can operate on some sort of level.

It was a really good show about the evolution of Giraffes and they ended with how evolution has perfectly designed the Giraffe… LOL I couldn’t contain myself at how they can use the words evolution and design in one sentence!


4 thoughts on “A tall story – design or evolution?

  1. I didn’t know that about the patches…how awesome. You’d think we’d be used to hearing it by now, all these beautiful nature shows using evolution/design in the same sentence, and yet it never fails to make me groan. 🙄


    • Every time I see a Giraffe I will look on with amazement at how God specifically designed this most magnificent creature. Thanks for stopping by Pearl and commenting 🙂


  2. Amazing! Of all the stuffed animals out there, my grandson happened to get three stuffed giraffes given to him when he was born (they say giraffes are popular these days). When he gets old enough to understand, I’ll have to tell him how wonderfully made giraffes really are. 🙂


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