Updates on the “Noah’s Ark” find…


I just would like to post a few more articles on the news that is hitting all the major media outlets regarding the latest ‘Noah’s Ark’ discovery…

To be consistent, this principle of careful and rigorous interpretation of the evidence needs to be employed by creationists when they examine a claim that a Turkish/Chinese group has found what is declared to be the remains of Noah’s Ark. Without seeing the entirety of the evidence for this claim and noting that what has been provided to the public in the form of a video and photos have not been conclusive (even where the photos were actually taken is in question now), we remain cautious (even more so than earlier this week) as we make our final determination. Frankly, we are somewhat surprised that experts from the leading creationist research groups (such as ICR, AiG, CRS, etc.) were not given the opportunity to carefully examine the evidence directly (rather than simply through photographs and videos) so far obtained before such a confident conclusion was publicized to the world last weekend.



And here is another article called “Statement of Dr. Randall Price on the Alleged Discovery of a Wooden Structure on Mt. Ararat by a Chinese-Turkish Expedition that is Claimed to be the Remains of Noah’s Ark”

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It’s best to get as informed as you can on this news. We creationists certainly do not need anymore fodder coming from the atheist camp. I agree wholeheartedly with answers in genesis when they conclude…

Of course, AiG would be ecstatic if the Ark were found, for it would add one more exciting confirmation of the historicity of the book of Genesis. But Christians do not need to find the Ark in order to give them more confidence in the Bible. Bible-believers have no doubt that there once was a huge Ark that served as a salvation ship during a global Flood, which landed on the mountains of Ararat, just as Genesis records. Also, and as we powerfully show in many exhibits inside the Creation Museum, there is overwhelming evidence worldwide that is consistent with the event of the Genesis Flood, such as the massive fossil record we see all around the world that is consistent with a global catastrophic event.

So, let us be discerning in all things!


Noah’s ark has been found???