Resetting the poll results…

I just went over to check my poll results and there has been a massive leap in the amount of people taking part in the poll that you can find in the right hand side bar.

Suspicious, you bet. The reason is that there has been a massive swing in the answer. It previously showed that around 80-85 percent of people believed that the gifts of the Holy Spirit were for today. But now it shows that around 81 percent don’t think that the gifts of the Holy Spirit are relevant today. How can that change overnight and with so many votes?

When I set up the poll I forgot to allow the poll to block repeat voters. So, I am going to edit that part of it and start again… poll is back to zero votes as I type this.

Me thinks someone has just repeated their vote over and over again to swing the vote their way. which is pretty poor of them if you ask me. If this hasn’t happened then by blocking repeat voters we will see a better representation of what people think anyways.

So…off I go to Polldaddy to edit and start again! If you have voted previously, please vote again, I would appreciate it very much.

Thank you


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