A little child went to heaven…

mouseDear Brethren in Jesus,

We lost another one of our orphan children in Africa. It was Mouse (Moses). It is always very difficult spiritually and emotionally for all of us when this happens. But it inevitably too often does. It is especially heart breaking for the Moriel missionaries who take care of these children and above all for Dave & Lyn in particular. It is the kind of thing you mentally expect but can never get use to. It is our first loss since little Angel went to be with Jesus. Moriel / Ebyown is the only family these mostly HIV orphan babies and small orphan children have ever known or had. Little Mouse never even had much of a chance.

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One thought on “A little child went to heaven…

  1. Dear Dave, Lyn and family:
    I visited Ebyown the fall of 2006 with Jewel Grewe.
    Dave was travelling at time.
    Your family of “adopted” children needing health care and love greatly inpressed me.
    Your ministry truly reflects the love Jesus Christ has for the orphans, sick and widows…
    the “least of these”.
    Even tho you know Mouse is with our Lord, I know you grieve greatly for him.
    This little fellow was quite blessed to have had you in his short life.
    May you all get loving comfort from God’s word in your time of sorrow.
    Thank you for all that you do for the little children!
    In Christ’s love,
    Easton, PA, USA


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