Monomyth: is there a truth behind them?


This article looks  interesting. And I have learnt a new word today. Monomyth. The word looks at different cultural myths around the word and basically says that there must be an underlying truth behind these similar myths.

I have always thought that.

There are deep similarities among diverse cultures in their constellations. The similarities stem from an origin at least as remote as the dispersion from Babel, and vastly pre-date cross-cultural missionary outreaches of recent centuries. Cultural differences in constellations have resulted from distinct developments in various people groups since the dispersion from Babel. Constellations appear to contain memories (in corrupted form) of ancient historical events such as the Flood, but evidence does not support the claim that the constellations were a kind of primeval revelation, a ‘gospel in the stars’.

If the biblical story of the dispersion from Babel were true, peoples from Babel would carry common ideas which might survive today in the cultures they founded after the dispersion. From a biblical point of view, therefore, any common denominator among diverse modern cultures is a possible indication that all peoples really did once live at a single place identified in the Bible as Babel. A common denominator crossing many cultures past and present is the prevalence of legends about the creation, the Flood and the dispersion from Babel. [source]

4 thoughts on “Monomyth: is there a truth behind them?

  1. Very interesting. I remember hearing a pastor refer to false traditions and religions all having a “germ of truth”.. I always thought that to be an odd term but I think it’s probably pretty accurate.


    • Reminds me of Paul in Athens… when he said to the people that he sees that they are very religious and that they worship the ‘Unknown god’, he then goes on to tell them about how they can ‘know’ God through Jesus. I think he uses their poets and writers to illustrate the Greatest Truth that is found in Christ.


  2. As a former missionary in Papua New Guinea, I am convinced that God preserves at least a shred of truth in every “tribe and tongue and people and nation” that becomes the cultural key by which darkened minds can be unlocked to the gospel.


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