A new poll question for you…

After listening to Saffron Planet and their chatter about the gifts of the Holy Spirit today, I have decided to put up a poll about this subject. You will find it located in the right sidebar.  – – – – – – – > over there.

The question is: Do you believe that the gifts of the Holy Spirit still apply today?

Would love to get feedback from you 🙂


6 thoughts on “A new poll question for you…

  1. See my comment in the Saffron Planet post that you referenced. One thing that it’s worth remembering is that there was an general consensus in the church for 1900 years that the sign gifts of the Holy Spirit had ceased at the end of the apostolic age. The only people who believed otherwise were fringe sects who invariably held heretical beliefs in other areas. Furthermore the circumstances of the reemergence of the gifts does seem rather dubious. But I am a charismatic, so I put “not sure” as my answer!


    • Furthermore the circumstances of the reemergence of the gifts does seem rather dubious.

      I was considering the verse in Thessolonians where it mentions that the Restrainer — which some people see as being as the Holy Spirit — is taken away before the anti-christ is revealed as possibly referring to this topic.

      Not sure where if I can wrap my head around it to post or make a statement about it at this stage.


  2. I CERTAINLY do beleive that the gifts of the Spirit are for today….nothing changes with God if they were there in the past they remain forever!


  3. Just because we don’t understand something, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

    There is nothing plausible in Scripture to suggest God has taken away His Gifts that He said He would never ‘repent’ of ie. change His mind about (which would make Him a liar). When the perfect comes is when they will cease. That is when our mortal bodies will become immortal and have no need of the gifts for when we see Jesus we will be like Him, knowing all things.

    NO ‘the perfect’ is NOT the completion of written Scripture, that is a lame reason with no substance to it.
    The misuse of the gifts is not the fault of the Gifts, rather the sinful ignornace of the abuser.

    Yes I do operate in the gifts at times AS the Spirit so leads in a perfectly natural, normal and usually private way; NOT as the frenzied display by the nuts on ‘god’ tv.


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