McLaren shows his real colours…

After reading something about this ‘New type of Red’ in a post called ‘Socialism Comes in Another Color’ – and after reading about the film ‘God Is On Our Side’ I question the validity (and reality) of such a statement regarding McLaren and ‘social justice’…

social justice – an end to victimization by deconstructing individualism and the ‘us vs. them’ mentality found in many groups that ‘exclude’. These will be replaced by ‘inclusive communities’, through a realized unity of plurality.

After reading this post you will see that this new breed of socialism is something that concerns all forms of religion and is pretty much the humanitarian kingdom of God.

Brian McLaren is a follower of a heretical political utopian religion that has hijacked the Biblical term “Kingdom of God”. McLaren is an ideologue NOT a theologian and if you do your homework you will discover that what he is really promoting is the “other color of Socialism”.

Definitions of the Other Color of Socialism

One author defines this other color of Socialism as:

Read about the definitions HERE.