Blood on the White Cliffs

I have been inspired lately to learn more about poetry. I have learnt about ‘Haiku’ poetry and I may even share my attempts at that style at some later date. Usually though, I just write as inspired, I don’t know the rules at all but I like conveying thoughts in some sort of lyrical picture.

Anyway, I have a blogging friend called Lorrie from ‘Grow Up Deep’ and she is a very gifted writer/poet. Lorrie recently took up a challenge and wrote one of the most amazing poems I have read in a long time. Her poem is called ‘Unsweet’. Simply magnificent!

So I thought I would take up the challenge too, and this is what I came up with. I hope you enjoy it…

Blood on the White Cliffs


The moonlight dashes

across the cliffs of Dover

A swallow falls from grace

it lays itself down

and flutters then gasps

it will bleed

Then life no more


[Dover, moonlight, swallow, bleed — from the Kate Bush song ‘The Night of the Swallow’]

I have actually been to the White Cliffs of Dover, and the history of that place goes back 2000 years. In fact I was born not far from this area. My Grandmother and Grandfather who have now passed away, remembers seeing the dogfights in the air as they lived a matter of kilometres from the Channel. They watched as the enemy planes flew overhead and bombed London in what was called ‘The Battle of Britain’.

The house I was born in, literally, was within walking distance to this coastline that witnessed all the horrors of war. This coastline is the gateway to England and has a very long rich history.

Hopefully there will be more poetry to come. Would you like that?


4 thoughts on “Blood on the White Cliffs

  1. Oh my goodness ~ you honor and spoil me! I am so glad you are tossing your poetic hat into the ring because you have it “going on”! Your poem is wonderful!
    I don’t follow the rules too much when it comes to poetry. I love the forms but most of the time I am just writing down what’s in my heart/mind…
    National Poetry Month is April so it’s a good time (anytime is good) to jump in! I really look forward to reading the poetic beats of your heart.

    Luv, Lorrie


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    • It’s funny how poetry is completely subjective. People really come to each poem in different ways.

      A friend didn’t like the term ‘the moonlight dashes’ because dashing implies fast.. but the poem is about the World War ll planes being represented by the swallow. The moonlight is the search lights that dash over the cliffs and waters of Dover.

      Thanks for commenting and bringing a different perspective to my poem Marcus, I learn a lot from people like yourself and Lorrie!



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