What do we have left?

The quote is taken from an article written by J J Prasch as he sums up how far the church has slipped into apostasy. You will be surprised – or not – at the slippery slope of deception that unsound teaching has done to the church…

He asks… what are we left with and who are we left with?

We are left with seminaries like Fuller that are mere ecclesiastical business schools and faculties of psychology where they pray before their stupid, worthless lectures. Then we have so-called Evangelical theologians such as J. D. G. Dunn and Colin Chapman who are theological liberals, Clark Pinnock who denies that God knows the future, and Norman Geisler who is a Tomist Aristotilian in the Roman Catholic tradition of Thomas Aquinas. We are left with the utterly pathetic figure of John Piper, the Calvinisic Replacementist now embracing Rick Warren after Warren appeared on Larry King Live on CNN and recanted his opposition to California’s Proposition 8 and same-sex marriage. [source]