the first red

What is this I happen to see?

the first leaf which appears to be

turning a colour, the deepest of red

as the night time cools, the heat has fled


This is the first of many to come

the days, they shrink away from the sun

A wave of red that lays on the ground

I just can’t wait for that crunchy sound


the morning it brings a familiar smell

of the cool rich earth of the dew that fell

the sun shines down where the droplets lay

as one season starts, the other goes away


…this is it,

the first of the red


10 thoughts on “the first red

  1. Ah, Autumn. This would have to be my favourite season. I cannot abide the heat but love the cooler weather. Lovely poem. Your work?


  2. Nice poem.

    Poem reading or writing is a gauge, for me, of where I am at spiritually. When I am right with God my spirit seems to flourish and poetry is the natural response (not necessarily good poetry) of an overflow of grace. Likewise when I read others poetry I try and relate to their desire to write, and feel their emotion as the words are conveyed across the airways.

    I am a little puzzled though, why Autumn and not Spring time? Autumn is a beautiful time and I love it, but the representation of death and cold seems to conflict with the warmth and birth of Spring.

    It is still very nice, but puzzling.


    Steve Blackwell


    • I guess because I live in the southern end of the globe and we are approaching autumn. And in Australia we have cool nights that bring the dew in and then warm days until winter really sets in. Because of this there is this really nice smell on the earth from the dampness that is evaporating in the morning from the sun beating down.

      I just write poetry from where I am at the moment. I have vines outside that are starting to change colour and a few leaves have turned red so I just wrote a poem about what I saw the other day.

      thanks for commenting Steve.


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