Three Things that can only be found in the Holy Spirit

We think that we are seeking after things. But we know that things aren’t what we really want. All the restlessness and rush of the age in which we live can be understood as an attempt to focus upon three goals:

·  First, righteousness, the sense of being right. This is why we are always attempting to justify ourselves. When anyone accuses you of something, what happens? You start justifying yourself. You want to be right. Man is forever seeking righteousness.

·  The second is peace. We want a sense of well being inside. A chrome-plated economy based on education leading to high standards of living is surely a cheap substitute. How often the word peace is flung at us in these days, leaving only a hunger for the real thing. Man is ever seeking peace.

·  And the third thing is joy. He wants a sense of gladness, of happiness out of life.

Those three are the unseen, almost unconscious, goals of life – righteousness, peace, and joy. Where are they found? Romans 14 says “The kingdom of God does not mean food and drink but righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit,” (Rom 14:17).  [Genesis: The Method of Faith]

WOW! What a verse. That verse does not support the “Kingdom of God” that is being pushed forward in Churches today does it? I found the above study to be an excellent essay. It’s not very long. It’s part of number of studies that goes through every book in the bible. A good place to start if you are a beginner to the Word of God and a fantastic study to brush up on your theology. You can find the list to every essay on every book of the bible at these links..

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