Imagination – ever thought about it?

Early in the mornings the first thing I do is check out my favourite blogs… and one such blog is Carla’s at More Books and Things. Her blog is mostly about all of the new books that are being wildly accepted and read within the evangelical Church today.

Anyway, one post caught my eye. It was called ‘The Imagination is NOT a Safe Thing’.

imagination Now, you may wonder at what point does the imagination become unsafe.

You may have questions like… When does imagination become dangerous?  What on earth does the imagination have to do with today’s evangelical Church and teaching?  Why is the Church even interested in it? Has the imagination been used in Church history, where did it lead and who led it and for what purpose was it used? Did it change the course of the Church? 

So, if you have asked these very same questions, you may want to check out Carla’s post on the subject. From there you can check out Carla’s other posts under the category of ‘Contemplative Spirituality’ and there you will find many of the questions asked!